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$ 250 per Case
This is for submitting a new case to Aligner Success. It can be used for a patient who is in the middle of orthodontic treatment, as long as it is a new case to us. We will:

Evaluate all attached orthodontic records 
Check the plan and give recommended changes & improvements
Give advice in designing the aligner treatment plan - Suitable for Clearcorrect, InvisalignGo or Suresmile cases.


$ 180 per Case 
This is for following up on a case that was previously submitted to Aligner Success. We will:

Re-evaluate the updated plan
Give recommendations on how to proceed with the case
Give advice for additional aligners where the patient has completed the first set of aligners


$ 75 per Case 
Have a case that you’re not entirely sure can be treated successfully with Aligners? Use this option to find out for sure before you commit to Aligner treatment. We will:

Determine if your case can be treated with Aligners
Give you insights into how you can identify difficult yet treatable cases in the future.
*If the case is found to be treatable, you can proceed to Existing Case Support to get your Aligner Success Case Support. 

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